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Actually, I’m not the big writer, I prefer talking, but then I have the problem that I have to edit videos and that works even less.
So I write.
During my trips to the different metropolises of the world, I always had the same problem of packing what and how to transport “what” at the destination of the trip. And then I recently stumbled across the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L and I think I’ve found the solution for me, but see for yourself.

Task: 5 days Hong Kong
(arrival Friday afternoon, departure in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday)
If possible only hand luggage because I have to change plan (quite tightly) to be able to fly cheaper and don’t like to arrive in HK without underpants.

So first something to put on:
2 trousers, 6 t-shirts, 5 underpants, 5 pairs of socks and a swimming suit

The whole cloth comes in one of the ingenious Packing Cubes, in this case in the Medium size one.

Let’s go:
First layer T-shirts, rolled
Afterwards the socks and the underwear incl. swim trunks!
And the two trousers at the top!

Then first the normal zipper and then the compression zipper, ready.
Clothes packed!

So now the “important” things…the technical and photo equipment. we start with the small parts like cables, chargers, powerback external hard drive and so on. All this comes in the Tech Pouch with its many individual “compartments” and the practical charging cable outlet.

Next is the “small” Street-Photography-Set” a body with 35mm lens plus two more lenses. All this comes in the small Camera Cube.

So then a “toilet bag” with toothbrush, brush and file, in this case not the Peak Design Wash Pouch, because I think it is oversized for my needs. Oh well, of course the toothpaste in the usual household transparent bag because of the security checks.
And then all the things goes into the “main compartment” of the Traveler Backpack in a nicely organized way.

I hope you can see where what is in the backpack.

  1. above the Camera Cube Small
  2. in the middle, behind the culture bag and the toothpaste is the Medium Packing Cube.
  3. below the Tech Pouch

Lets close the main compartment of the backpack and open front compartment. There is even more space. In my case for the NC headphones and a thick fluffy hoody. Ok, it’s not for HK, but who knows what the weather will be when I come back next week.

So and now it happened, I forgot half of it. I also need my notebook or tablet…so i have to take a few more pictures…
Moment please….
Let´s go on
that was not so easy to take the pictures…

I took the tablet as an example to show where it belongs, and my 13″ Macbook Pro can easily go in there.

Now I show where the travel tripod goes and how I will transport my camera in HK, because for the daily “walks” I won’t take the backpack, but…yes…the Small Camera Cube with the Peak Design straps, which turn the Cube into a small “Messenger Bag like” bag.
For the shootings where I also need the tripod, the filter set etc. I will take the backpack, reduced to 35L.

The tripod disappears into one of the side pockets.

And that’s how the Camera Cube becomes a “shoulder bag”.

The nice thing about the Peak Design strap is, that, if the Cube is in the backpack, I can use it as a normal camera strap to have the camera always at hand.

So I think now I’ve told you everything I think is important…..oh one more little thing there is a small bag for boarding passes and/or passport, so I don’t always have to empty the whole backpack.

So, that was it now but really.
If you have any questions, just write to me.

Have a good one and keep on shooting

Next Hallo Welt!

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